What we do

At H.A.P Seniors Care Services (Vision Care Agency) we provide care for the elderly utilizing accommodation and social maintenance. Eldercare, often referred to as senior care, is specialized care designed to meet senior citizens’ needs and requirements at various stages. As such, elder care is a rather broad term, as it encompasses everything from assisted living and nursing care to adult day care, home care, and even hospice care. We act as an intermediary (agent) with fiduciary responsibility.

Seniors can be placed in three categories.

  1.  65 to 74 (preparation for healthy aging.)
  2.  74 to 84  (developing strategies for successful aging to aid in health-related problems.
  3.  84 and beyond (relocating and resettling in a suitable environment.)

1. Our Mission

To live with dignity as we age.

2. Our Objectives

Our objective is to maintain aging with grace and dignity.

3. Our People

We as Barbadians are known for our hospitality and kind nature.  This is what makes us unique. Let us take care of your loved ones.

Our goal is to provid superior customer experiences