Consideration should be given when booking a trip as a senior

When booking our Seniors package we need you to consider your accommodation very carefully. On our booking page, we have a number of options.

  1. Hotel accommodation is traditional. You are on your own to have dinner and a drink and look at the walls what a lonely way to spend your vacation. If this is your choice we will accept and respect it. Why not try our integration method?
  2. Bajan Family Integration.  This will give you an opportunity to experience living with a Bajan family which we will select very carefully.
  3. A shared room with other people that might not be from your country.  This can build a great friendship and have a companion to take away the loneliness which we all suffer from time to time.  This is the greatest challenge seniors face with being all alone.
  4. A private apartment to a house.  You will have a caregiver assigned to you for your trip here in Barbados and this is optional.

As a senior, your health is a priority and we at Vision Care Agency take pride in ensuring your health is maintained while in Barbados. We use an Electronic Medical Record program so that your health records are with you while you are on vacation in Barbados. This is not a prerequisite but a precautionary measure to ensure that you are safe.

Our events will include two tours per week, garden diners three evenings providing we have good weather, seawater therapy in groups, one-foot ritual for all people who book with us regardless of your involvement in our events, scenic group walks, entertainment, and evening relaxation on the beach.

As caring people, we extend our hands to you and highly qualified caregivers.  We guarantee that your trip, your vacation, and your long-term stay will be an experience.  Caregivers will be with you at all events, within your accommodation at night if this is what is required, and to have a Bajan experience should you choose to integrate with a Bajan family.

We will provide meals as outlined within your personal care plan or you can select the kind of meals if you decide not to stay with your plan.  We will make sure that you maintain a healthy diet by providing the best healthy foods Barbados has to offer.  We will not be including large amounts of salt or sugar in foods served, if you need such then it will be provided.  Most of our ingredients will be freshly grown vegetables and a few starches, meats will be boiled or grilled not fried.  We promote health lifestyles.

This can be a challenge for some persons who have mobility problems. We have professional people who will assist where needed with such problems and when choosing accommodation we will take this into consideration.