Minimum Requirements
  •  The walkway from the street to the house should be at least 1.5 m (5 ft) wide, with a slope of at least 1:20.
  • At the entrance, the length of the landing should be at least 2 m (80”).
  • Allowance should be made for a ramp width of 810 mm (32”) and a slope of 1:12.
  • Doors and Corridors
  • All external doors and bathroom doors should open outwards.
  • All door openings should be 810 mm (32”) wide
  • Door levers should be used, not doorknobs
  • All corridors should be a minimum width of 1 m (40”).
  • In the kitchen, Laundry, and Bathrooms a clearance of 1,370 mm (54”) should be provided around all: cabinets, countertops, ovens, washers, driers, tubs, and any other furniture or appliance.
  • All electrical light bases are to accommodate screw-type bulbs
  • Seamless surfaces are preferred for bathrooms with fixtures for the elderly and disabled.

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